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The wise say, you write your own Karma.
Karma Stationery is a unique range that agrees with that. Literally.
We believe our Karma is moulded with every word that we write, every line that we draw. So, we try to write with our best hand.
Each Karma Stationery diary is fit to be an heirloom. It is made with the sincerest of intentions and creativity to bring you a personalized range of stationery that tells the world, you are caring and responsible.  It is made with the finest of paper that will hold your cherished thoughts for years.
With us, excellence is a habit, not an act. It is Karma’s conviction.  Each diary is replete with inspiring words of wisdom that lift the spirits and give hope every time you turn a page.
Karma Stationery was born out of a sense of thanksgiving for what we have been blessed with. It is payback time for us. So, when you choose a Karma Stationery product your Karma  and ours get linked in an act of positivity. We will donate two per cent of every purchase to of a deserving cause. You will thus join us in turning the Kismet of someone who needs that little help.
We have a range of benefactors that include needy children, the sick who cannot afford medical care they deserve, impoverished senior citizens, gallant but scarred war veterans and the beleaguered environment.
We believe each day is a new beginning when we are born again. So, we are thankful that Life has given us a new day to improve our Karmaand share the blessings.
And so, rather than end each day with a Dear Diary recap, we help you to write, Dear Karma.
They say, every drop in the ocean counts. Come, let us together fill this world with drops of positive Karma. Make this unique diary yours and may you have the day you deserve.
Don’t miss the Karma bus. Drive it.

Whether you work in a big or small office, being in charge of buying office stationery requires a great deal of management. Here are a few tips you can use to make your task easier and a lot more efficient.

– Remember to plan for the year: Assess the amount of stationery each employee would use. Especially when you are dealing with an office with a lot of employees, it always pays to plan ahead so you can buy in bulk and get a lot of discounts.

– Remember to choose the right products – Your office may not need color pencils or paints, but certainly needs markers and stamp pads. So making a list of stuff that you need helps you eliminate useless expenditure and saves you a lot of time.

– Remember to focus on quality as much as quantity – Quality means the products will last longer and turn out to be more cost efficient in the long run. Of course, there are a lot of products in the market with the price ranging from really low to hugely expensive. But focus on the quality of the products that you are going to use along with the price factor. Also, going for a brand that has been in service for years, always helps. E.g. The Karma range of markers available in the market have a chisel tip for those broad and fine lines.

– Remember to budget for refills of stationery – Mid-year, you might find you are running short of some items. Of course, in spite of all your planning, you may go wrong at times with your calculations and end up falling short of a few items because of reasons like extra employees added to the team, a project that took longer to complete etc. Make sure you can handle the emergency by setting aside a budget for these emergencies.


– Remember to encourage responsible usage – Send out an email to your office employees highlighting the importance of using stationery judiciously to make it an eco friendly office. If employees are better informed about what they can do, to improve their carbon footprint, it will go a long way in sustaining the environment and will prove cost effective to your organisation as well.

Stationary items quite important role in everyone’s life, from our childhood till the last breathe. We can’t every think to ignore its importance, everyone has his/her personal liking towards their pen, folders, erasures and likewise. Even in today’s electronic era where almost every thing is drafted on computer but we can’t ever think to minimize the importance of ink or fountain pain. It adds grace to your signature with it is done by a smooth fountain pen.
Now days when we go to any office it is flooded with computer and laptops, but when we go through the cabins of Managers/HODs we could easily sea one of theirs selves must be filled with stationary items like pencil, pen, folders papers envelops letterheads and ink pads and most important ink remover/whitener. These Item help in carrying out some important work-space functions in efficient and effective manner
Everyone is choosy about his stuffs, in today’s era Online stationary suppliers
stores plays very significant role, we can choose our very own stationary items in wide stationary segment. We didn’t need to bother about the timing we can utilize our free time in finalizing these office/school stationary items. These items could easily deliver to your door step with 2 to 3 working days. You can find office stationary suppliers at various business web directories across the world. Make sure you opt the best one who can carter all your needs in one time at single destination with deals in terms of money and quality both