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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word…” (John 1:1)

It is said that life is like a story, with the protagonist as you. Thinking about it, it could also be said that a story, a Daily diary or a piece of writing is like life.

While writing, it is rather common for one to lose sight or get moved in the relativity of words — it could be a word you struggle to recall now that you wish to use it, it could be not-so-pleasant an event whose memory you are suddenly struck with, or just deep emotions about something, that you wish to let out. Whatever be the case, the words of the Bible are sure to help you, whether you are a believer or not, you would surely agree that Bible is a book packed with a lot of positive sayings, sayings that have been tested and retested by mankind for centuries.

In times of anger or confusion, comforting words speaking of hope and love are always soothing. But it is obviously not that the Bible is only useful in times of darkness, sometimes all one awaits is good inspiration.

Feel Delighted!
Inscribed with biblical verses, the Karma Code diaries inspires with its Biblical quotes. It will make you feel like going back to it over and over again. This may be a great launching point for someone new to using a diary to record daily happenings or for someone who wants to get delighted by holy verses with a focus on each verse for a period of time. The important thing here is that we reflect on the word while we compose!

Explore The Treasure Within
With the beams of inspiration the Bible resonates as clearly as ‘bright -throned clear dawn’. The quotes of unconditional devotion, mercy and compassion, inspiration and redemption ,your each day’s verse in the Karma Code diary is a motivational treasure.

Craft An Experience With The Karma Code Diaries
Craft a meaningful and memorable experience through Karma Code. Make it a perfect idea to keep your notes in the diary when you read the quote and get inspired to have a meaningful and memorable experience.

It is one of those diaries which you’ll want multiple copies of. One for yourself and others to give away to people you love.

Unfold the words to restore your hope and joy overflowed in praise and gratitude and most importantly, there is more to what just meets the eye, considering the countless interpretations that Biblical quotes offer. They can be, perhaps one of the best ways to complement what you write. They teach you to continue your journey, seek what you are born to seek, explore, and keep on writing.

                                                                                                 -The Silent Observer

Karma Code Style

Dear Readers,

Is the law of karma which says that everything comes back precise? To know more, here I introduce my friend to you; yes you are right, the same friend who gifted me the beautiful and useful Karma diary. I promised my readers in the last blog that I would introduce my interesting friend with whom I witnessed the boomerang effect of Karma and what happened with her was life-altering!

Till over a year ago my friend was living a life struggling to become an actress. She worked with a broadcasting unit but knew that she had to chase her dream.

She would often say when she saw her kind of people, young boys and girls hoping to get that big break, it would keep her going. Even if one day she wouldn’t make it, she wouldn’t give the dream up! After all, for her life was all about making the choices she wanted to make.

Though she was a full time struggling actress for a year, the curvaceous brunette was determined to make it. No one knew how until being an out-of-work aspiring actress, she arrived at a book store to buy a book. As she was parking her car she accidentally backed into a new brand Porsche. It was a turning point in her life. Not the dent on the car but the impression she was about to leave on the owner of the expensive car!

Being sensible and wise, rather than just driving away unnoticed, she left her details on the other person’s car so that she could pay for the damages she had caused.

On her way back home, she kept thinking that how last year when she was in a hurry to meet someone from a casting team and was assured that she would get a call in a day or two, she never got one in fact. While brooding further she, all of a sudden, recalled a similar incident when someone had rammed her writer friend‘s car a few years ago and how beautifully her friend had shown composure and grace in dealing with the situation that eventually landed her to receive the compensation without much ado!

 “Truly, what goes around comes around”. She kept thinking.

In the meantime, the owner of the car, when he arrived was amazed at someone’s honesty. He also happened to be a casting agent! She was surprised when he called her and asked her out to dinner. Little did she know that moment her dream chased her in return and she ended up making a great connection. The next moment, he offered her a role to work with a famous director’s production house. She was thrilled as the role was that of a protagonist!

She is a successful woman now who has her own Karma story to tell. In the next blog, she will narrate her own Karmic pattern. After all, good deeds bring good feeling and good feeling is the threshold from where good fortune begins!

As a silent observer, most of the time when I would witness people and situations ,I never thought of weaving a story out of it until the other day when my  friend  brought me a beautiful ‘Karma diary and asked me to keep my informal musings documented. All she wanted was to help me become a writer and give wings to my imagination. Her one thoughtful gesture prompted me to write and nurture my creative thoughts. Not only this, it also helped me value the little acts of kindness which are though small, can influence us to a great extent.

Redefine Altruism

Unexpected acts of kindness like giving a word of appreciation to your relatives, friends and acquaintances or reaching a helping hand to someone in trouble are a timeless reminder that simply doing something nice for the sake of it are some of the most heart-warming and fulfilling things we can do for others!

Spread Smiles

In fact, by just watching someone else do a good deed inspires us to help out too. Researches show that witnessing kindness not only makes us happy but also help us become more selfless. Well, isn’t the best way to spread smiles is to be more generous? Yes indeed it is!

Be Generous!

You don’t have to wait for a situation to begin with a good deed. The acts of kindness that you do onto others come back to you in some form or the other! Little joys can come in the form of small but handy things and here is to choose something useful from a broad variety of Karma Stationery through the

Be Selective

Head on over to Karma Stationery online store for all the trendiest and useful gifts for your friends, relatives and even strangers! Select from the exciting range of vibrant useful ‘’Use Less brand of diaries from Karma and make the day beautiful for others.

You can also help someone get a slew of stickers from the brand or inspire someone to get motivated with  quotes on the Bible from the Code range by Karma.

Contribute and be the change!

It doesn’t take much to make a positive change in the world. Always remember that our one little act will inspire the rest of us to do good too.

In the next blog, I look forward to introducing my friend to you who sowed the seed of good Karma with my musings. Till then, keep writing your precious thoughts in your favourite diary!

— The Silent Observer

Leather is one of the most enduring materials. A leather notebook can be relied up to look like a ‘classic’ from the moment you acquire it. But there are many more reasons we love leather notebooks.

1. A leather notebook ages well

Leather is one of the few ‘fabrics’ that will often genuinely look better with age…ahhh, If only that were true for all of us! Leather really does develop character over time. It can soften, it can take a scrape, it can vary in color…and have it all add to its unique personality! So your notebook will look like, well, your notebook. Not someone else’s.

2. A leather notebook is durable

For many of us, a notebook doesn’t live on a desk, but in a handbag, backpack or briefcase. Which is why a leather notebook can be such a perfect choice if you’re looking for durability – the heavier cover of leather means it’s less likely to get bent or damaged. Leather is pretty impossible to destroy (well, we’re sure you could do it if you tried, but we don’t recommend it!).

3. A leather notebook looks more expensive

If you’re giving a notebook as a gift, you don’t want to look cheap! So whilst leather notebooks can still be purchased affordably, they often simply look more expensive. And, to quote Cody Chesnutt, “You look good in leather”.

4. A leather notebook feels great

Leather is a material that delivers a true tactile experience. It feels great to handle – you can even give it a little pat every now and then if you feel like it.

5. A leather notebook is often refillable

Many leather notebooks are really an outer sleeve with a notebook that can slide in. This means you can replace the paper interior once it’s filled, without loosing your lovely, worn-in-just-right cover.

6. They’re a little romantic

Leather is such an ‘old’ material – it’s been around so long, binding books, that it just has a sense of history, gravitas. You are writing in the sort of book people have been writing in for a century or two. Call us romantics, but this has a certain appeal in a modern age.

7. There are so many colors of leather notebook available

Yes, you have your classic blacks and browns. But you can find leather notebooks in all the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, green – why not?!

8. A leather notebook is usually handmade

Not all, but many, leather notebooks are hand made. It’s rare to own a handmade item and there’s something special about it. It means it has been handled with the care of an artisan and is more likely to have a unique look immediately.

9. A leather notebook looks great filed on a shelf

If you use a series of leather notebooks, and fill them with your ideas, your creative writing, your sketches, then you can store them on a shelf and they still look fantastic. And they invite you to later pick them up, thumb through them and see what wonder you filled them with once upon a time.

10. Leather notebooks are usually filled with high quality paper

Whilst we’ve talked a lot about the cover, of course the paper is critical. As a leather notebook is often more of an investment, the designers ensure the paper they use is high quality. It’s usually thicker and more fountain pen friendly than is found in many paper notebooks.

The small branch of Use Less represents Environment, freshness, and life. The green leaves stand for hope. The color green is chosen in hope of a sustainable future of our planet. With Use Less, we aim to waste fewer resources and give back more to our Earth.

Our journal for a green tomorrow.

The wise say, you write your own Karma.
Karma Stationery is a unique range that agrees with that. Literally.
We believe our Karma is moulded with every word that we write, every line that we draw. So, we try to write with our best hand.
Each Karma Stationery diary is fit to be an heirloom. It is made with the sincerest of intentions and creativity to bring you a personalized range of stationery that tells the world, you are caring and responsible.  It is made with the finest of paper that will hold your cherished thoughts for years.
With us, excellence is a habit, not an act. It is Karma’s conviction.  Each diary is replete with inspiring words of wisdom that lift the spirits and give hope every time you turn a page.
Karma Stationery was born out of a sense of thanksgiving for what we have been blessed with. It is payback time for us. So, when you choose a Karma Stationery product your Karma  and ours get linked in an act of positivity. We will donate two per cent of every purchase to of a deserving cause. You will thus join us in turning the Kismet of someone who needs that little help.
We have a range of benefactors that include needy children, the sick who cannot afford medical care they deserve, impoverished senior citizens, gallant but scarred war veterans and the beleaguered environment.
We believe each day is a new beginning when we are born again. So, we are thankful that Life has given us a new day to improve our Karmaand share the blessings.
And so, rather than end each day with a Dear Diary recap, we help you to write, Dear Karma.
They say, every drop in the ocean counts. Come, let us together fill this world with drops of positive Karma. Make this unique diary yours and may you have the day you deserve.
Don’t miss the Karma bus. Drive it.

Whether you work in a big or small office, being in charge of buying office stationery requires a great deal of management. Here are a few tips you can use to make your task easier and a lot more efficient.

– Remember to plan for the year: Assess the amount of stationery each employee would use. Especially when you are dealing with an office with a lot of employees, it always pays to plan ahead so you can buy in bulk and get a lot of discounts.

– Remember to choose the right products – Your office may not need color pencils or paints, but certainly needs markers and stamp pads. So making a list of stuff that you need helps you eliminate useless expenditure and saves you a lot of time.

– Remember to focus on quality as much as quantity – Quality means the products will last longer and turn out to be more cost efficient in the long run. Of course, there are a lot of products in the market with the price ranging from really low to hugely expensive. But focus on the quality of the products that you are going to use along with the price factor. Also, going for a brand that has been in service for years, always helps. E.g. The Karma range of markers available in the market have a chisel tip for those broad and fine lines.

– Remember to budget for refills of stationery – Mid-year, you might find you are running short of some items. Of course, in spite of all your planning, you may go wrong at times with your calculations and end up falling short of a few items because of reasons like extra employees added to the team, a project that took longer to complete etc. Make sure you can handle the emergency by setting aside a budget for these emergencies.


– Remember to encourage responsible usage – Send out an email to your office employees highlighting the importance of using stationery judiciously to make it an eco friendly office. If employees are better informed about what they can do, to improve their carbon footprint, it will go a long way in sustaining the environment and will prove cost effective to your organisation as well.

Stationary items quite important role in everyone’s life, from our childhood till the last breathe. We can’t every think to ignore its importance, everyone has his/her personal liking towards their pen, folders, erasures and likewise. Even in today’s electronic era where almost every thing is drafted on computer but we can’t ever think to minimize the importance of ink or fountain pain. It adds grace to your signature with it is done by a smooth fountain pen.
Now days when we go to any office it is flooded with computer and laptops, but when we go through the cabins of Managers/HODs we could easily sea one of theirs selves must be filled with stationary items like pencil, pen, folders papers envelops letterheads and ink pads and most important ink remover/whitener. These Item help in carrying out some important work-space functions in efficient and effective manner
Everyone is choosy about his stuffs, in today’s era Online stationary suppliers
stores plays very significant role, we can choose our very own stationary items in wide stationary segment. We didn’t need to bother about the timing we can utilize our free time in finalizing these office/school stationary items. These items could easily deliver to your door step with 2 to 3 working days. You can find office stationary suppliers at various business web directories across the world. Make sure you opt the best one who can carter all your needs in one time at single destination with deals in terms of money and quality both